About Me

I am originally a Training and Development Professional with 14+ years experience in coordinating and delivering training for organisations. My love for crochet spanned my career as I learnt how to crochet when I was 12 and I had to rekindle this gift when I realised how challenging the job market had become with employers focused solely on providing contract employment. When one of the organisation’s that I worked for decided it was closing its doors I decided that it was time to turn my gift into a business and so Simply Crochet was born The focus of the business has changed based on customer demand from a focus on making bags and jewelry to a focus on making jewelry and special order items.

Although I have since taken up an opportunity in my field with another organisation I still continue to work on the growth and expansion of Simply Crochet. My initial reason for establishing Simply Crochet has changed since the company was started three years ago. I not only wanted to become self-sufficient and earn an income outside an employer but I also want to share my gift, teach women and girls how to crochet, hone my creativity and continuously take part in the creative process.

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