Beginner Crochet Course 

The Online Beginner Crochet Course is intended to achieve the same objectives as the the face to face sessions but with the added benefit of the convenience of completing the sessions at your leisure. ⁣


How the Course Accommodates Your Learning Style. 

One of the key concerns with online learning is that it cannot accommodate all learning styles. A properly designed course does accommodate all learning styles. ⁣

To address these concerns, in the process of designing the online Beginner Crochet Course I considered and incorporated activities for all the learning styles ( persons who prefer to learn by doing /kinesthetic), reading /read/write, seeing/visual and hearing/auditory): ⁣
1. Information Sheets to accommodate Read/Write ⁣
2. Videos for the visual and auditory learners and ⁣
3. Practical exercises for those that learn by doing⁣.

Features and Benefits of the Course 

There are additional also benefits to online learning  and this course:

  1. The course is self-paced so it allows the learner to move at their own pace and
  2.  It is perfect for those that are solitary learners. ⁣
  3.  You can complete the course in your own time.⁣ ⁣
  4.  You don’t need any previous knowledge of crochet.⁣
  5.  Patterns that suited the Beginner Level are provided.


 Benefits of Crocheting 

  1.  Crochet can be incorporated into other crafts such as jewelry making and card making
  2. . It introduces colour and texture and pattern into the lives of crocheters.⁣
  3.  It fosters pleasure, stress reduction, mindfulness and meditation as a consequence of the repetitive hand motions.⁣
  4. Selecting patterns at varying levels of difficulty allows participants to focus on different areas. e.g. to increase focus or concentration select a pattern at intermediate or advanced level or to relax select a pattern at beginner level.⁣
  5. It facilitates an exchange when there are different people from different backgrounds, it gets them sharing and talking. ( when it is learnt in a group setting)⁣

Target Audience⁣
Beginners- this course is for persons who have never crocheted or persons who have started to learn how to crochet but would like to polish up on their skills.⁣

Course Objectives 
By the end of the sessions participants will be able to:⁣

1. Identify the different needle sizes.⁣

2. Identify the various types of crochet thread. Understand basic crochet terms.⁣

4. Read crochet patterns.⁣

5. Demonstrate basic crochet stitches:⁣
slip stitch⁣
chain stitch⁣
single crochet⁣
double crochet⁣
half double crochet⁣
triple crochet⁣

For a demo of the stitches click here VIDEO DEMO

6. Utilise the basic crochet stitches to complete simple projects.⁣

Work of participants from previous classes


To take the course click here BEGINNER CROCHET COURSE


Happy Crocheting!!!!!