It was my intention to start  a blog that was focused on my journey as a Crochet Entrepreneur but time did not permit. However with the recent and rapid changes as a consequence of COVID – 19. I thought now would be as good a time as any to start writing, document and share the changes to my business as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic

I started my crochet based business – Simply Crochet  in 2016. At the time it was focused on the sale of crochet jewelry and bags. As the business grew the focus changed to include a focus on jewelry,  special order items and teaching crochet classes. At the beginning of  2020 I was working on converting  my  Beginner Crochet Course,  to an online asynchronous  ( self- paced training) format. It was never my intention to convert all my courses  to online courses or to develop new courses for online delivery ……THEN  CAME COVID – 19!!!!!.

I was therefore faced with the dilemma of  reduced income over the period when my country was in lock down  which also coincided with the time where I would usually be delivering training. My choices were to: find a way to pivot my business during this time or to face temporarily shutting down of my business for three months or more (depending on the duration of the shut down)

I started  by looking at one of my other courses which I was convinced could only be delivered in the face to face environment. Upon closer examination of the components of the course I realised that I could supplement the face to face components course with videos and deliver the course  synchronously ( real-time training) via Zoom. Additionally I was approached about delivering the Beginner Crochet course synchronously via Zoom which I  also started to do.

Prior to the advent of COVID,  I had decided to package and sell items needed by persons interested in learning to crochet into a Crochet Starter Kit.  With the nationwide closure of all non- essential stores these kits could now be sold to persons  who were interested in learning to crochet but did not have access to the materials.

That covered my existing courses.  I then asked myself the question. What new courses could I deliver online???. I came up with the idea to run Crochet Craft sessions for children via Zoom. Materials could be shipped to participants via the post.  Further to this  I am also presently working on a Crochet Dolls workshop for delivery in August.

Of course I had to continue crocheting but not necessarily jewelry because socialising was no longer a priority.  I therefore decided to sell masks (but only special order) as well as mask ties, to make the mask wearing experience more comfortable and easier on the ears.

This approach kept my business generating money over the COVID – 19 shut down:

  1. Converting  existing services to  formats suited to the online environment.
  2. Developing new services  for the online environment.
  3. Responding to customers requests for additional services.
  4. Selling complimentary products to support delivery of online services.
  5. Assessing what is presently needed based on the changing demands of the environment and selling products based on these needs
  6. Providing a cash on delivery option.

Going forward I will be using this model to continue to scale my business with an increased focus on delivering online services internationally.

If you have a crochet based business and you would like to discuss how you can move your business forward during this time you can send me an email @