Why a Hat Pattern?

Who does not like a crochet hat to keep your head warm or to hide a bad hair day if needed.  As I continue on my design journey, as a beginner designer, I am also focused on working on less complicated projects for beginner crocheters as well. This is not to exclude more experienced crocheters who may want a quick project for online craft fairs. Additionally with Christmas coming up ( yes the other C word) this would be an ideal project to make in different sizes for family or friends.


Part of my plan for the last quarter of 2020 was also  to work on more digital products because online is where everyone, including crocheters, are spending most of their time. Additionally,  with everyone spending more time inside, I was thinking we would want simple quick projects to occupy our time.


During the Pattern writing course (from Pam Grice) that I recently completed the advice was to stick to rectangular projects as a new designer. I have taken this advice with the pom pom hat pattern. The hat is worked in a rectangle and slip stitched together along the edges to form the hat. The pom pom is optional as it can be attached or it can be left out.


In addition to Pam’s suggestion, I also thought it would be a good idea  to focus on rectangular projects in the first instance because it would make things easier for the beginner crocheter. I started my crochet journey working on doilies which allowed me to become familiar with working projects in the round.  As I have learnt in the classes that I teach, this is not the same for all crocheters that are now starting out. Some crocheters are in fact a bit intimidated by working crochet projects in the round. The pom pom hat pattern would therefore be a lot easier for these crocheters


The Design Process

The design process is also intended to be a learning process for me. While designing my last pattern I was able to learn a new stitch, waffle stitch, to add to my repertoire of stitches.   It was no different for this pattern because I was able to learn how to make a pom pom in a different way to how I learnt to make it previously.    Previously, I made Pom Poms with toilet paper rolls  ( and I understand you can also use a pom pom maker) but this time I used a different method that only required the use of my fingers and a scissors.   While the addition of the pom pom may sound like a time consuming addition it really wasn’t. Making the pom pom was pretty nifty and quick as well. You can access the tutorial via this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFaE3aivc5w


Working the Pattern

The Pom Pom Hat Pattern is designed as an ideal crochet project for a beginner that is working on getting comfortable with the basic crochet stitches. It is also an ideal project for a beginner crocheter that is building their confidence with crochet projects. The hat is extremely comfortable because it uses  double crochet that is worked in the back loops only  this allows the hat to stretch for a more comfortable fit. It also allows for it to be worn in various ways that suit the wearers personal style.


What I am attempting to achieve with all my patterns is that they are versatile which is why I have made the pom pom optional in this pattern. The pattern can also be worked for males and females of various ranges and even toddlers by decreasing the length of the foundation chain. Of course you would also have to decrease the number of rows as well.

The Yarn

As a crocheter I really like to have some options in terms of the type of yarn that I use for a particular project. (I tend to work mainly with acrylic yarn). I like to know that I can do a quick work up of a pattern using the yarn that I have. Who is with me on this?


I used Lion Brand Yarn’s Cotton blend (DK-3) for the hat which worked well. However, I decided to allow yarn substitutions when I was doing my pattern test  so that I was able to assess if the pattern would work  with different yarn weights.  I also wanted to give crocheters other options in the event that they had some yarn of a different brand and weight in their stash that they would like to use.  Based on the feedback from some of my testers the pattern also worked well with acrylic yarn


If you are a crocheter who is now starting to experiment with new projects this would be ideal for you.

To purchase this pattern click on the link https://simplycrochettt.com/patterns

Happy crocheting!!