Since opening Simply Crochet  in 2016,  I have been planning to get into pattern writing but time did not permit. I designed a few patterns which I offered for free on my website (  but I never got into it seriously. I also felt there was more that I needed to learn.

Fast forward to 2020. I decided it was time to get serious about pattern writing so I completed  Pam Grice’s pattern writing course ( which I highly recommend). It took me through the steps from the design concept, through  working and writing the pattern as well as the steps required for a mini pattern launch. The toughest part of the course would have to be the multiples but Pam’s explanation was excellent so I can definitely handle that now.

The Premier Cowl pattern is designed as an ideal crochet project for a beginner that wants to experiment with new stitches.  It was also designed with a more versatile finished product in mind.  The buttons used on the finished project therefore allow for the cowl to be worn in a number of ways based on the amount of warmth and cover that is needed.

The pattern multiple allows it to be worked to a length that allows for a snug  fit or one that is as long as a scarf . Waffle stitch is used  which is a combination of double crochet and front post double crochet,  worked in alternate rows. ( video demonstration

If you are a crocheter who is now starting to experiment with new projects this would be ideal for you.

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Happy crocheting!!