Pom Pom Hat Pattern


The Pom Pom Hat Pattern is designed as an ideal crochet project for a beginner that is working on getting comfortable with the basic crochet stitches. It is also an ideal project for a beginner crocheter that is building their confidence with crochet projects. The hat is extremely comfortable because the stitch used for the hat allows for it to stretch for a comfortable fit.


In designing the pom pom hat pattern and in fact any pattern I usually have three main areas of focus. The yarn, the design process and the stitch choice.

The Yarn

I  prefer to have some options in terms of the type of yarn that I use for a particular project. I like to know that I can do a quick work up of a pattern using the yarn that I have in my stash. Who is with me on this?

I used Lion Brand Yarn’s Cotton blend (DK-3) for the hat which worked well. However, I decided to allow yarn substitutions when I was doing my pattern test. I was therefore able to assess if the pattern would work  with different yarn weights.  I also wanted to give crocheters options  to use yarn of a different brand and weight, if that was their preference.

If you are a crocheter who is now starting to experiment with new projects this would be ideal for you.


The Design Process

The design process was also intended to be a learning process for me. While designing my last pattern I was able to learn a new stitch, waffle stitch, to add to my repertoire of stitches.   It was no different for this pattern because I was able to learn how to make a pom pom using a different method.

Previously, I made Pom Poms with toilet paper rolls  ( and I understand you can also use a pom pom maker) but this time I used a different method that only required the use of my fingers and a scissors.   While the addition of the pom pom may sound like a time consuming addition it really wasn’t. Making the pom pom was pretty nifty and quick as well. You can access the tutorial via this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFaE3aivc5w


The stitch choice

Back loop double crochet was the stitch of choice for this pattern for two reasons

  1. It is an easy enough stitch for e beginner
  2. It allows for just the amount of stretch in the hat

I hope that enjoy crocheting using the the Pom Pom Hat Pattern I look forward to your feedback

The hat is also  available via the following link  https://simplycrochettt.com/product/pom-pom-hat ‎