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Simply Crochet is the home of handmade crochet jewelry and special-order items. Simply Crochet was established in order to help solve a problem that many women encounter which is finding jewelry, bags and other crochet items that are unique and reflective of their own personal style. The solution to this problem is achieved in two ways.

  • By creating unique pieces of crochet jewelry and special-order items.

  • By teaching women and girls how to crochet and giving them the tools to make these items for themselves.

Free Patterns

Crochet Fan Hoops

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Crochet Medallion Hoops

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Small Dream Catcher Earrings

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Finger-less Gloves

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Handbag (Rib Stitch)

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Simply Crochet Classes

Learn to crochet with Simply Crochet

Beginner Crochet Classes

This is an introductory course for persons that are interested in learning the basics of crochet. It focuses on teaching participants the basic crochet stitches and takes them through projects that will allow them to utilize these stitches.

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Advanced Crochet Classes

This is a course is for persons that already know the basics of crochet but would like to go a bit more in depth. It is focused on teaching participants how to: read drawn patterns, ensure they have sufficient quantities of materials for their projects, price completed projects and take measurements for crochet clothes. Crochet projects will also be completed with emphasis being place on crochet clothes.

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