Ball Toss Game


The ball toss games includes  six balls and six baskets.  The set can be used to:

  1. Facilitate fun with learning addition and subtraction
  2. Encourage  movement.
  3. Decrease screen time.

The set is made from acrylic yarn which is

  1. Durable
  2. Washable:
  3. Well tolerated by persons with allergies.


The  ball toss game is a part of a compendium of  educational crocheted games that I am in the process of developing.  I got the idea for this game from

Use this game in a number of ways for teaching:

Basic Ball Toss

1. Have your child or children toss  the ball  in a basket

2. Give each child a score based on the number of balls they get into the baskets

3. Encourage  each child to keep track of their score in order to aid addition practice .

For older children you can also increase the number of points for each basket to make the game more difficult

Math Ball Toss

1. Pick random numbers and assign them to the baskets.

2.Have your child/children toss the balls till they get two into the baskets.

3. Encourage him/her to add their score each time they get their ball in a basket

Tip : pick random numbers in order to  increase the level of difficulty. You can also adjust the numbers of each basket to make the task harder.

Additionally you can:

Have  your child/children toss a certain number of balls in two of the baskets. Further to this, they can then add the number of balls in each basket together. For subtraction practice they can remove a a ball or balls from the baskets.


Color Matching Ball Toss

You can have  your child or children match the ball to the basket of the same colour. Additionally,  and for  a challenge, you can switch it up and have them match the ball to  a basket of a different colour.

N.B. A print out of numbers  is included with each game. These need to be  placed in each basket.

Encouraging movement and decreasing screen time 

Keeping your child/children active is the major purpose of the game . The actions of tossing the balls as well as  going to retrieve them will  ensure this . The activity will also keep them occupied  away from their tablets or computer screens.

The Materials

The game is made from acrylic yarn which is washable as well as  quite durable. It is also better tolerated by persons with allergies because there is less shedding of the fabric.



You and your children will have loads of fun and create  special memories  with this ball toss game

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