Black Beaded Stoppers


These earrings are a fitting accessory for formal wear. They are approximately 2” – 3” wide and are made by crocheting with cotton crochet thread onto which beads have been added. The use of the cotton crochet thread makes for an earring that is:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Hypoallergenic and
  3. Durable


These black beaded stoppers  are part of my “ We Take a Pride” Collection. I made this collection in honour of Independence day in Trinidad and Tobago which is celebrated on the 31st August every year. I selected the colours  red white and black because they are the colours of the national flag of Trinidad and Tobago. The colours represent the fire earth and water that surrounds the island, as well as the energy of the people.

I included simple pieces as well as more elaborate statement pieces.  Wear these earrings for casual, semi-formal and also formal events.

Wearing the black beaded stoppers

1.Wear these with a simple necklace/ chain or none at all .The size  and simplicity of the earring will also allow for it to be worn with a statement necklace.

2. Style your hair in a high or low pony tail when wearing these earrings.  I style my hair in a low bun  when wearing these earrings.  Leaving your hair out would hide the beauty of the piece.

3.Wear these earrings with a low neckline during the summer months. This will not take away from the visibility and the beauty of the earrings.

4.Wear these earrings as part of  a casual or semi-formal look. Additionally, use  them for a semi formal event. They are  an extremely distinct  and versatile pair of earrings.


Materials- Black Beaded stopper

1.  Made from cotton crochet thread – these earrings are extremely light  and  also hypoallergenic.

2.It is durable. The process for making the earrings involves crocheting the beads into each stitch. This method holds the beads firmly in place. Additionally the use of cotton crochet  thread  also contributes to the durability of this piece.

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