Blue and Gold Clutch and Earring Set


This blue and gold clutch and earring set is ideal for a casual event. The purse can comfortably hold keys, cards and make up.

The purse is  4″ wide  and 12″ long and is made with acrylic yarn. The half moon earrings are  3-4″ long and 2-3″ wide and are made with nylon crochet thread.

The use of the nylon and crochet thread for the set means that it is

  1. Durable
  2. Hypoallergenic


In designing this blue and gold clutch and earring set there were a number of factors I considered. I have detailed some of the factors below to assist in your selection of this and future clutch purses . Further to this I also decided to pair the earrings and the purse together to make for easier shopping.


Factors to consider

1.Size: Can my clutch purse hold everything that I need?  Primarily my lip stick, cell phone, keys  and my mask just to mention a few items. The answer to that might be yes. However  it should also be able to close without any of the contents sticking out. Before you purchase your purse do a quick mental check of all that you will need to put into the purse. Ensure that your purse is not too big but also ensure that it is not too small.


2.Colour: as with most of the selections in our wardrobe we ladies like to ensure that whatever we purchase can work with multiple outfits.   Make a list of the looks that your clutch goes with when looking for the correct size. You don’t want to risk purchasing a clutch which remains in your cupboard for lack of use. ( trust me I have been there)


3.The occasion: ensure that the clutch you are selecting suits the occasion whether it be semi formal, formal or casual. You want to ensure that your clutch is apt for the particular event you are attending.


4.Your look: also ensure that the clutch aligns with your look.


The blue and gold earring and clutch purse set meets the criteria above:

  1. Size : the clutch purse is 4-5″ wide  x 10″ long  and can hold a cell phone, keys and cards.
  2. Colour: the combination of blue and gold allows for the it to me matched with both or one of the colours.
  3. The occasion and  your look : It is designed specifically  for a casual occasion it will also  go well with a casual look



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