Blue Earring and Bracelet Set


This blue earring and bracelet set was designed to make shopping for accessories easier. Wear this set to a casual or semi formal event.

The earrings are 3-4″ long . The diameter of the bracelet is 3-4″ while the width is 2″

This set is  made with nylon and cotton thread this means it is:

  1. Hypoallergenic
  2. Durable
  3. Lightweight


I designed this blue earring and bracelet set to make the process of shopping for accessories easier. Additionally it can be a tiring process to look for various accessories that match one particular outfit.

For this reason  the sets  are made using two colours. They can be worn with one or both of the colours in the set or with a complementary colour.


Wearing the blue earring and bracelet set

1.Wear these sets  with a sleeveless outfit with a low neckline  during the summer. This will add to the visibility and  beauty of both the earrings and the bracelet

2.Wear this set  as part of  a casual or semi-formal look. It is  versatile so there is nothing to stop you from using it for either type of event. They are an extremely distinct and unique style.

3.Choose an outfit with  one of the colors from the set. You can also choose an outfit with a colour that complements both of the colours used to make the accessories.

4.Select one of the items from the set depending on your preference and your mood. You may choose to wear the earrings alone and exclude the bracelet and vice versa. Wear the earrings with a low neckline during the summer. This will add to the visibility and  beauty of the earrings.



1.This set is  hypoallergenic because  it is made from cotton/nylon  crochet thread.

2.It is  also  durable. I made the set  by :

  • Crocheting a single row  around a bracelet for one round
  • Crocheting the earrings
  • Attaching the jump rings  and ear wires to the top of the earrings
  • Working with two strands of thread at the same time

Additionally the use of cotton crochet  thread  also contributes to the durability of the bracelet and earring set

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