Blue Dream Catcher Necklace


The necklace is ideal for a semi-formal or formal event. The diameter of the necklace is 5″ and the pendant measures 3″in diameter. Cotton yarn is used for the pendant which means that the necklace is

  1. Hypoallergenic
  2. Durable


This blue dream catcher necklace allows me the best of both worlds- statement jewelry as well as  crocheting with objects. I am a fan of statement jewelry whether it is  earrings or  a necklace . I am also a fan of crocheting with other objects such as beads and bracelets.

Additionally, a statement necklace is one of my favourite types of necklace,  which is why I always have at least one available .  They have also become a  favourite  of customers over the years.

Wear this necklace to  a casual or a semi -formal event


Wearing the necklace 

1.Wear this necklace  with a simple pair or earrings. Select a pair of earrings in one of the colours of the medallion

2.My preferred hairstyle  when wearing this necklace is  a high bun. You can also style your hair in a high or low pony tail when wearing it.  Leaving your hair out would hide the beauty of the necklace

3.Wear this necklace with a low neckline during the summer. This will add to the visibility of the necklace and will allow people to see the beauty of it.

4.Wear this accessory  as part of  a casual or semi-formal look. It is versatile so there is nothing to stop you from using it for either type of event.  It is an extremely distinct piece.



1.This necklace is  hypoallergenic because  it is made from cotton crochet thread.

2.It is  also  durable. The necklace was made by :

  • Crocheting  around a bracelet for one round
  • Crocheting the dream catcher inside of the bracelet
  • Attaching a jump ring  to the medallion and then to the  necklace
  • Attaching the two jump rings together
  • Working with two strands of thread at the same time

Additionally the use of cotton crochet  thread  also contributes to making this necklace durable

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