Brown and Pink Tassel Earring


The brown and pink tassel earring is a must have in your jewelry stash. Wear these earrings to  a casual or semi formal event.

This tassel earring is made with cotton crochet thread and measures 5″ in length. It is therefore:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Durable
  3. Hypoallergenic


The brown and pink tassel earring is a must have in your jewelry stash. I also add a special touch to my tassel earrings . In this case I added a small granny square.

Additionally, a pair of tassel earrings is one of my favourite earrings which is why I always have a pair available .  They have also become a  favourite  of customers over the years.

Wear these earrings to  a casual or semi formal event

Wearing the brown and pink tassel earring 

1.Wear these with a simple necklace/ chain or none at all .The drape of the earrings to the base of the neck allows for an either or with the use of a necklace or  chain. You are just fine without it because of where the earrings fall but a simple necklace will work as well.

2.My preferred hairstyle  when wearing these earrings is a high bun. Style your hair in a high or low pony tail when wearing them.  Leaving your hair out would hide the beauty of the earrings.

3.Wear these earrings with a low neckline during the summer. This will add to the visibility and beauty of the piece.

4.Wear these earrings as part of  a casual or semi-formal look. They are versatile so there is nothing to stop you from using it either type of event. They are an extremely distinct pairs of earrings.


1.These earrings are  light and hypoallergenic because  they are  made from cotton crochet thread.

2.They are also durable. The earring was made by: :

  • Crocheting the granny square or diamond
  • Cutting  the thread for the tassels to the desired length
  • Placing the thread for the tassels through the space in the granny square
  • Tying the tassels in place with two strands of thread.
  • Attaching the jump ring and ear wire to the tassel

Additionally the use of cotton crochet  thread  also contributes to the durability of this piece.


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