These crochet coasters are sold in a set of four. They  are made from acrylic yarn which is thick and works well because it.

  1. Prevents the development of rings  and heat damage from hot and cold drinks.
  2. Is  minimally absorbent
  3. It does not scratch surfaces.

N.B available in black,  navy blue and, dark brown



No one likes to look on their table and see a ring that has been left by either a hot or cold drink. This damage is sometimes irreversible but it is definitely preventable by the use of coasters.

Why use a coaster?

  1. To prevent water damage from cold drinks.
  2. To prevent heat damage from hot drinks.
  3. They can be placed on the top of drinks to let those around know that the person is not finished with the drinks.
  4. They can be placed on top of drinks to prevent flies and other unwanted visitors from resting on your drink.
  5. Different coloured coasters can be use as drink identifiers so that no one picks up the wrong drink.

How to use a coaster?

A coaster is primarily use in bars or homes in the places where drinks are consumed most often ( kitchen, dinner table) . In my home I also place the coasters in my room on the table with my cosmetics.  I drink in my room quite often and I want to ensure that I do not rest a drink down and do damage to the furniture. So basically coasters are useful in just about any room of the house.


Some things to consider when buying a coaster.

1.Make sure the coaster will hold a glass or small plate without losing its grip.

2.If your coaster is absorbent, look for a waterproof backing on the bottom so it won’t leave a permanent stained ring on wooden furniture.

3.Soft underside to prevent scratching of your tables and other surfaces

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These crochet coasters are made from acrylic yarn which is thick. This material works well for preventing the development of rings   and heat damage from hot and cold drinks.  It is also minimally absorbent and should not scratch surfaces.


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