Online Craft for Kids


This course focuses on teaching children ages 5-11 to work with beads and acrylic yarn and complete projects such as:

  • plait hand bands,
  • beaded or plain chains,
  • hand bands,
  • head bands,
  • layered chains as well as
  • a project of their choice.


This course is delivered via Zoom




This online craft for kids  is for children 5-11 years of age. It teaches participants how to work with crochet cords or chains and beads to create crochet craft.  Specifically,  beads and acrylic crochet chains to create a range of projects.Parents will work alongside their child/children to complete the projects.


Benefits of online craft  for kids

  1. Creation of memories for parents and children. Children as well as  parents work together to complete the projects.
  2. Boosts children’s confidence. They are able to complete small projects in a short space of time.
  3. Provides stress relief for children by providing a opportunity for them to focus on activities outside of school.
  4. Encourages learning at a young age which can be carried into pre teen, young adult and even adult years.
  5. Improves your child’s concentration as well as their ability to focus.
  6. Enhances children’s hand eye co-ordination, it also  builds levels of manual dexterity.
  7. Teaches children about colours, shapes and textures as well as how things work and how they fit together.
  8. Encourages children to play and experiment in a fun and relaxed environment.
  9. Takes the pressure away from learning. Creates an appreciation for learning outside the classroom
  10. Improves the development of STEM skills specifically in the areas of problem solving. These skills will be beneficial no matter what path your child/children may choose.
  11. Improves the development of stem skills in the area of creativity. The session provides the opportunity for your child/children to work with beads and assemble projects.
  12. Challenges them to think independently by allowing them to suggest  a specific project that they would like to work on.



Target audience

Children in the 5-11 age group


During the online craft for kids workshop will learn how to make:

  1. plait hand bands
  2. beaded or plain chains
  3. hand bands
  4. head bands
  5. layered chains

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