Cup Covers


These cup covers are perfect for everyday use or to give as a gift. They are available in a set of 4. They are made from acrylic yarn which is

  1. Durable
  2. Washable


These cup covers  will add personality to your dining room table. Use them for a special occasion or throughout the year.

Cup  Covers -Materials

  1. Wash your covers as  required. They are made from acrylic yarn which is washable and also quite durable.
  2. Use over hot or cold dishes. However be careful with extremely hot dishes because the acrylic yarn is flammable


  1. Use  the covers to keep hot food hot and cold foods cold. Avoid losing heat or cold to the atmosphere quickly because this can affect the taste of your dishes. Additionally, it also prevent you and your guests from enjoying the meal
  2. Use the covers to keep unwanted pests out of your food. Flies  ( and other insects ) are notorious  for diving into uncovered dishes. Place the covers on your bowls to prevent this.
  3. Use the covers to enhance your decor. The covers can be customised to suit the specific colour of your decor.  This will also result in a different touch to your decor.
  4. Use the covers as a conversation starter. Speak to your guests about your reasons for selecting crocheted covers. Also engage them about the workmanship.
  5. Use the covers for a different aesthetic . Crocheted bowl covers will definitely be different from the conventional covers.
  6. Use the covers to spruce up your decor on a budget. Include them as a reasonably priced way of adding a difference to your decor.

Additionally you can reuse your overs which is an added  economical benefit.

These cup covers are available in my online store.

For a matching set of bowl covers.