Dual Remote Control Holder


The dual  remote control holder is:

Made with acrylic yarn which is:

  1.  A  machine washable durable fabric.
  2. A fabric that is   free from scales. It can therefore be utilised by  persons that are allergic to this fabric


1. It can be made to a length that works well with your favourite armchair or couch.




Where is the remote? You have asked this question a couple hundred times.   I therefore decided to make the dual remote control holder.

Features and benefits of the dual remote control holder

  1. Place the remote control over the arm of your couch. It will therefore be easily accessible when needed
  2. The remote holder is portable.  Move if from one chair to another as well as  to another space
  3. It is suitable for use in your office space. Place your car keys, air condition remote as well as  any other items that you constantly misplace in the pockets.
  4. Place other small items  such as your cell phone in the  pockets.
  5. It is made with acrylic yarn.  This means that you can wash the holder without worrying about damage to the fibres. Additionally the  yarn also has the added benefit of being free from scales. You can therefore use the holder comfortably if you have allergies.
  6. It helps keep your living room space  ( and any other space where it is used) organised.
  7. Customise the holder. Request that it be made to a length that is suited to your favourite chair



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