White Beaded Hoop Earrings


The earring is approximately 4” -5” long. These hoops are made by crocheting around a silver ring that is approximately 2” in diameter, using cotton crochet thread and  including beads.

The earring is

  1. Lightweight
  2. Durable
  3. Hypoallergenic
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The white beaded hoop earrings  are a must have in your jewelry stash. I also add a special touch to my hoops. In this case I added smaller beads at the base of the hoops.

Additionally, a pair of hoops is one of my favourite earrings which is why I always have a pair available .  They have also become a  favourite  of customers over the years.

Wear these hoops to a casual or a semi -formal event


Wearing the white beaded hoop earrings 

1.Wear these earrings with a simple necklace/ chain. .The size of the hoops  allows for  the use of a chain with the  earrings. You are also fine without a necklace because of the beads at the base of the earring but a simple necklace will work as well.

2.My preferred hairstyle  when wearing these earrings is a high bun. You can also style your hair in a high or low pony tail when wearing them.  Leaving your hair out would hide the beauty of the piece.

3.Wear these earrings with a low neckline during the summer. This will add to the visibility and  beauty of the earrings.

4.Wear these earrings as part of  a casual or semi-formal look. They are versatile so there is nothing to stop you from using it for either type of event. They are an extremely distinct pairs of earrings.


1.These earrings are  hypoallergenic because  they are  made from cotton crochet thread.

2.They are also  durable. The earrings were made by :

  • Crocheting  around  the hoop for a few rounds
  • Continuing to crochet around the hoop and sliding the beads up at the base of the hoop.
  • Working with two strands of thread at the same time

Additionally the use of cotton crochet  thread  also contributes to the durability of this piece.


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